Can We Find The Jewellery For You?

Can We Find You One?

Our Items

If you cannot see the item that you are ideally looking for then there is a very good chance that we have just the right thing for you.

Its hard to be believe but the items that we show are only the tip of the iceberg! We have thousands of items from years of collecting and we would love to get them into the shop but there really isn't the time to photograph and describe everything.

If you describe what you are after we can have a a rummage for you and see if we can find it in our items. If we can find it we can send you photographs and brief descriptions of what we have found.

Finder Service

If we haven't got what you are looking for we can always keep an eye out for you one our travels. We are always coming across different pieces that may be what you are looking for whilst we are looking for items for own collection.

Request An Item

To request an item simply go to our Contact Page, select 'Find Me an Item' describe what you are looking for and submit the message. We will get back to you to as soon as we can.

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