About Us: An obsession with all things vintage

About www.vintagekitty.co.uk

www.vintagekitty.co.uk is part of the Vintage Kitty Series of websites. Vintage Kitty, although we hope it looks professional, is just a husband and wife team that has an over abundance of Jewellery from years and years of collecting.  The collecting is done by Jennifer and the web sites are maintained by Nigel. 

Vintage Kitty is a way for us to get rid of our large collection of vintage items as we buy and collect more and different things.  

British and Proud of itWe are UK Based and proud of it. 

We are Jennifer Rigby-Allen and Nigel Rigby

Our address is

19, Ancaster Way
North Luffenham,
LE15 8LH

If you would like to contact us about anything please go to our contact page.

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