Funky 1960s Jewellery and 60s Costume Jewellery

1960s Jewellery: Groovy Modernism

Groovy1960s Modernist Design Penadant The 1960s emerged as the decade of the "anything goes" youth culture, resulting in pieces of jewellery that were bigger and more over the top than ever before. Styles were youthful and fun-loving, with bold use of plastics and strong unsaturated colour-ways. Ladylike and feminine styles gave way to space age, mod and unisex fashion trends which was a total contrast to the 1950s.

Acrylic jewellery played a major part in the 1960s with psychedelic colourful chunky rings, bangles and necklaces being the flavour of the moment. The extravagant, glamorous rhinestones/paste stones of the 1950s were now being given a new psychedelic look to them with black metal becoming a new and popular foil for the new acid colours. Green and white metals were also used along with colourful enamel pieces.More Information about 1960's Jewellery

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1960s Jewellery: Diversity in Design

1960s Modernist Design PendantThis decade was a hugely experimental era with a diversity of looks and trends, including flower power, ethnic, gypsy and various retro revivals. The very first moon mission inspired the Space Age look with costume jewellery being produced in plain plastics and metals in geometric shapes and designs. The American designer Kenneth J Lane (born in Detroit) was a huge influence on jewellery design in the 60s, who was one of the very few who managed to harness the very many diverse trends and styles of the 1960s. He worked for Hattie Carnegie as creative director, before becoming a costume jewellery impresario, launching his career with a collection of large, over the top, rhinestone encrusted, plastic earrings. The lightweight materials that he used permitted him to design and create jewels so enormous that some of his clientele had to use spirit gum in order to keep them on! His styles and designs were worn by actresses and socialites, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. He also produced a successful "Jackie O" line based on her sense of style and elegance.

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