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1990s Jewellery: Austere and Sombre

In contrast to the 1980s love of money, power and ostentatious styles and fashions, the start of the 1990s saw a more sombre mood emerging in fashion trends.  World events such as the AIDS crisis, corporate and political corruption, wars in Europe and the Middle East, all took their toll and this was reflected in fashion and styles - it was like we were all paying a penance for the excessiveness of the 1980s.  People wore blank black clothes with large Gothic crosses as jewellery.

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1990s Jewellery: Retrospective and Traditional

By the mid 1990s, the impending approach to the new Millennium inspired several costume jewellery companies such as Fior and Ciro, started to produce a range of traditional styles. Beads were really on trend at that time, especially those made of Murano glass. Vintage jewellery designs were making a huge comeback with contemporary and vintage looking wide lucite bangle cuff bracelets surrounded by large faceted stones and pave diamante accents which harked back to the 1930s was also bang on trend.

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