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1980s Jewellery: Big, Bold and Brash

1980s Monet Pink Gold Enamel NecklaceThe 1980s was all about glitz, glamour and ostentation which created another boom for costume jewellery, with big bold, brash gaudy designs being produced in chunky gilt and paste necklaces, bracelet and earrings.  Leading actresses, such as Joan Collins, in the popular big hit American television soap opera,  Dynasty, were seen wearing over the top glitzy and glamorous pieces of jewellery.  This trend was was in line with the "dress for success" uniforms which women were wearing - wide shouldered jackets, power suits and high heeled court shoes, teamed with quilted Chanel like handbags with gilt chains. 

In line with the ostentation of the 1980s, a devotion to designer labels really took off, with Chanel's CC logo, being stamped on everything from belt buckles, earrings and necklaces.  In response to consumer demand, costume jewellery designers started producing reproduction Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco pieces, encapsulating styles and trends from the past, in combination with new and exciting ideas and materials - pieces were made from paper-mache, glass, mirrors, wood and rhinestones.

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1980s Jewellery: The Royal Influence

1980s Gold Clear Lucite BangleAlso, Lady Diana, the young and exciting new addition to the Royal family, was also a main influence on style and fashion in jewellery in the 1980s, with many women replicating her looks. She was often seen wearing big, bold Butler and Wilson pieces and also her favourite three strand pearl choker with a turquoise flower clasp.

Big bold plastic hoop earrings were also fashionable in the 1980s, along with plastic or thin metal bangles, which would be worn in mass quantities on one's wrist, were also very popular. Also, fine designer jewellery made of diamonds and pearls, were also very popular among many women, depicting symbols of wealth and power and ostentation, which was the flavour of the decade.

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